7 Reasons Why Most Relationships Fail

We all want to be able to connect with the perfect person and would like the relationship to be happy, healthy and long-lasting. However around 40% to 50 percent couples in America eventually end with divorce. To avoid the typical problems that break marriages and relationships, here’s a list of the most frequent reasons why relationships end in failure.

1. Trust Issues

Lack or loss of trust is among the most detrimental obstacles to a couple’s success over the long term. If a relationship is not based on trust, it lacks two essential factors that can help to build and maintain the bond of trust the safety and security. The issue of trust can manifest itself in various ways, like jealousy, possessiveness, excessive strictness, infidelity to emotions sexual or physical infidelity, relationship game playing, a lack of trust or trustworthiness, as well as a the absence of emotional support. The reasons that people seek couple therapy tend to be a sign of a larger mistrust in the relationship. This is the primary reason why couples end up failing.

2. Different Expectations

It’s hard for couples to stay in the same boat for an extended amount of time. The things that usually connect two people when they first begin an affair like physical attraction, shared interest, similar socio-economic backgrounds – tend to become less important when the demands and realities of everyday life take over. In time, the couple’s expectations for their relationship might differ. This can be seen when couples begin to make distinctions, the difference between “what I want” versus “what we want” when discussing their hopes and dreams. The difference in expectations over time happens to be another reason why relationships are not successful.

3. Moving Through Life At Various Tempos

When one person is growing and learning rapidly and the other remaining static, it could cause a relationship divergence. One instance of this could be a person who is advancing rapidly in him/her profession and the other working in a non-fulfilling position. The social and professional groups of this couple start to diverge, and then the couples itself begin to split. They’ve intellectually, physically and socially shifted. To prevent relationships from falling apart, it’s essential to discuss with one another your values and beliefs.

4. Communication Problems

This is a significant one. Numerous studies have revealed communication (or an absence of communication) among the main reasons couples seeking therapy and also as one of the most common reasons for divorce and breakups. The most reliable predictor to divorce happens when both partners display contempt for the relationship. Contempt, which is the alternative to respect is usually expressed in negative judgment, criticism or sarcasm in regards to the worth of a person. In the field of communication it is described by the term “tough on the person, soft on the issue.”

5. Life Habits Abuse

Life habit abuses are behaviors that, even though they might not directly affect the spouse (such as a gambling addiction) but can affect your relationship in negative manner. Examples of abuse of life habits include drinking problems and gambling, drugs and excessive spending. These addictions or behaviors can cause a lot of stress on relationships and contribute to other issues, such as distrust or inadequate communication.

6. The Sense of Growing Away

If any of the above mentioned five issues is a problem that you are experiencing, there are a couple of reasons to take into consideration If you’ve been in an intimate relationship for less than two years and the two of you have “grown apart,” it could be due to inability to communicate, different expectations, incompatibility or even the natural method of trial-and-error to find the perfect partner. If you’re in a relationship that last for a long time, you may find that your daily obligations (such as work, school and, especially, parenting children) have gotten in the way of your connection and growth.

7. Financial Issues

The longer the time a couple has been in a relationship that is committed, more likely is financial incompatibility. According to research findings, disputes regarding money are among the most common reasons for the dissolution of a marriage. However, a couple doesn’t have to be married in order to be facing financial issues. The issue of money can be a trigger for some of our most profound emotional needs and fears which include but not just confidence, safety, security and control and even survival.

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