8 Signs You’re In A Healthy Relationship.

1. You Don’t Need Your Partner To Be Happy.

When you’re with your partner or are away from them, you’re able to feel content and remain in a state of bliss to the highest degree. Your happiness is a result of your own efforts and you’re not dependent on anyone else to be happy.

2. Your Partner Is Good Enough For You.

You and your partner are in love and cherish each other, but you don’t need to be together. You don’t require the other person to feel loved , but instead, you want to share with them the love you already have there in you. That’s why your relationship with your loved one is so awesome and easy to get in.

3. You Are More Focused On Giving Than Receiving.

Both of you are great givers giving so much, but without keeping track of it. Don’t give in order to get some reward however, you’re both full of affection and you feel it is right to share that affection with your partner. It’s an amazing method of experiencing an authentically loving relationship.

4. There Is No Need To Play Games Against Each Other.

In a loving and healthy relationship, there’s no deceit, no cheating and no manipulation or threatening, no demeaning, and there is no pretense. There are no games played with one another and treat each other exactly the way you’d like to be treated with honesty, love, respect, and appreciation.

5. You’re The Most Trusted Friend.

In a romantic relationship, you are able to laugh, cry, you play , and you enjoy each other’s company. You talk about your deepest and most buried ideas, worries, hopes and faith. You love, understand and support one another throughout your daily activities and in all you do, and you make moment to be attentive and be there for one another. If someone falls, the other will be there to help the other up without labeling, judging or critiquing what happened and the reason for it.

6. You Give Each Other The Liberty To Express Themselves Freely.

In a society where many people are trying to fix the problem’, alter and control the person they have an intimate relationship with the person they love, you and your partner give each other the gift of liberty, allowing one another to be who they are without censorship and in complete honesty.

In a happy relationship, you both encourage one another to be themselves, and to remain real. You’re not both struggling trying to be control freaks. You cherish each other so much.

7. You Don’t Try To Restrict Or Entrap One Another.

Although there is a deep connection and love between the two of you, you are aware and understands your partners differences and qualities. You do your things freely without restrictions.

8. You Don’t Have Any Attachment To The ‘Happily Everafter Concept.

In your relationship with love even though you cherish each other and you would like to remain together until the end of time, you’re not tied to the ‘happily ever after’ idea. If you are faced with a day that life demands you to separate then you won’t cling to each other, causing harm and suffocating one another, instead you’ll.

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